Шестая колонна (access07) wrote,
Шестая колонна

Radiohead - OK Computer Full Album HD

Немного здорового оптимизма вам в ленту:


Airbag 00:00
Paranoid Android 4:45
Subterranean Homesick Alien 11:08
Exit Music (For A Film) 15:35
Let Down 20:00
Karma Police 24:59
Fitter Happier 29:21
Electioneering 31:18
Climbing Up The Walls 35:09
No Surprises 39:54
Lucky 43:43
The Tourist 48:03

℗ 1997 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company

Released on: 1997-05-29

Featured Vocalist, Produced by: Radiohead
Produced by, Producer: Nigel Godrich
Producer: Radiohead
Composer: Colin Greenwood
Composer: Edward O'Brien
Composer: Jonathan Greenwood
Composer: Philip Selway
Composer: Thomas Yorke
Tags: 1997, album, audio, damned 90's, radiohead, thom yorke, провалы памяти

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